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www.DiverseBooks.com Caption Competition

Demonstrate your wit with our Caption Competition. Have a look at the picture, come up with a witty caption, and enter it into the form. You don't have to put your email address in, but I need it to tell you if you've won any of our goodies. We have several Dr Who goodies for you

Remember that even if you don't win you can buy these excellent goodies from BBC Worldwide.

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  1. The winner shall be the person who the webmaster decides enters the wittiest and funniest caption. In the case that the webmaster can't decide then he shall take the best entrants and select the winners at random.
  2. Employees of Openweb Analysts Ltd, or members of their immediate families are not allowed to win. They can enter. They just can't win.
  3. No more than five entries. Feel free to enter more if they are really funny, but I will only consider the first five for the prize.
  4. The competition is open to all countries on the earth so long as we can deliver the prize to them.
  5. The competition closes on the 1st Aug 2001
  6. In any dispute this competition is run under the laws of England.
  7. The webmaster's decision is final.
Recent captions
  • "f3BQY"
    submitted by hnphwv
  • "vFvEqzudUQonwJR"
    submitted by angwubyj
  • "KbsTYnDHx"
    submitted by rxltqb
  • "lNLgdHNozMRrOmunF"
    submitted by jcfryckd
  • "pLIxTBmpvucw"
    submitted by rgeuxkoamcq